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Over 20 years of experience

QDP has been designing and producing products for a wide range of applications for over 20 years. Our designers boast elaborate resource knowledge and production know-how which guarantees a product that is not only functional, but also has the intended looks and flawless workability.

QDP We create. We produce. Engineering
QDP China Production facilities

Design in The Netherlands, production in China

Our team operates from Duiven and can address all your questions quickly and competently. We have our own production facility in China for realization of your plastic products, fitted with the latest of injection moulding technology. This branch in ShengZhou is located near the two main sea ports of ShangHai and NingBo and three international airports. In short: a low-cost location. But also with logistic and cost-related benefits for the supply of resources and transportation of our products to Europe.

Speed and perfection go hand in hand

A quick time-to-market has become a pure necessity for quick anticipation of client needs and in staying ahead of the competition. QDP’s one-stop-shop approach guarantees speed and high-end quality. Based on your questions, our team quickly drills down to the essence and will provide you with a proposal within 24 hours. Because our design takes workability into account, our production facility in China can start work quickly and problem-free. Combined with our smart logistics, we make sure that we’ve got full control of the entire process allowing us to deliver high-end quality at record speeds. You do the math!

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QDP we create. we produce. partner, partnership


For us, product development has always been a matter of interplay. From first conception all the way up to final delivery, we work in unison. You’ll experience QDP as an expert and creative partner, with short communication lines and a down-to-earth, practical approach.


Responsible resources

Choice of resources and recycling of products is becoming increasingly important. This is why we work with Bio-based plastics in addition to traditional petroleum-based plastics. These are 100% biologically degradable and suitable for multiple life-cycles. We are highly experienced with injection moulding of 100% bio-based plastics sourced from PLA and jute. This material is easy to mix in with bio-based dyes and suitable for a broad range of applications.

Energy-efficient machine park

In choosing our injection moulding machines, low energy consumption was an important factor. We deliberately chose the environmentally friendly Hatian brand. These injection moulding machines save between 20% and 80% of energy required by traditional injection moulding machines.


We offer our employees in Europe and China a challenging and interesting career, full of development opportunities in terms of education and training. With regards to China, we observe the OESO guidelines with regards to Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship as well as the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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We are there for you!

QDP is your partner in product design and injection moulding! Contact us for an expert answer to your questions or a lightning-quick proposal.

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