About QDP

Absolutely Stunning Design & Functionality

About us

QDP is a professional design agency, which is able to provide the complete product development and production for the customers. We design and produce mostly plastic, zamac and aluminum products, since 1998. During the development of our products, we always look further to the production process. Therefore, our design is always able to produce.

In our headquarters in Duiven (NL), the products are designed and the projects are managed. We achieve this with advanced 3D CAD/CAM software. The communication with our office in China runs via a video conference system. With the proper communication, we are able to control all processes and guarantee the product quality and delivery times.

Our vision

Speed and perfection

The life cycle of a product is getting shorter. This forces our customers to produce faster and cheaper. Also the quality of products must be better, as this is the only way to gain a competitive advantage. This means that product development nowadays is becoming more complex. At QDP, we understand this. QDP strives to design and create the perfect product. Each time again.

Time saving based on knowledge

QDP is good at product development and product realization. Because of this we know as no one else how important the knowledge of production processes and materials for developing good products is. Our knowledge provides such a high saving of time, that we are able to develop products very fast. The big advantage for our customers? The very short ROI (Return On Investment).

Transparent communication

In our vision, we believe that good communication is essential. For us, transparent communication is therefore a precondition. Together with our customers we strive to the total solution. From the first idea through the final production, we are closely involved with our customers. We also involve our customers as much as possible in the process, so that no time is wasted unnecessarily.

Complement and reinforce

We strive to offer customers the full package of product development, the product from a to z. This process starts with transferring the idea of the customer and goes through to designing and manufacturing the complete product.

Production Facility

The production facility of QDP is located in ShengZhou, China. The map on the left shows that ShengZhou is located east in China, south of ShangHai. This location has a geographical advantage, because of 2 close major international harbors (ShangHai and NingBo) and three international airports (ShangHai, HangZhou and NingBo). Because of this the supply of raw materials and the transportation of products is efficient

Corporate social responsibility

When we started our production facility in China, we made sure we would do it in a socially responsible way.


We adopted the OECD guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility and the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work .


We offer our employees in China a challenging and interesting career, with internal training and the possibility to follow studies.

Energy efficient machines

With the choice of our production machines we looked at the power usage of these machines. We have consciously chosen the environmentally friendly variant of the brand Hatian, these machines save up to 80% energy compared to the normal injection molding machines.

Environmentally friendly materials

The choice for the Materials and (re) use of products is becoming increasingly important, in addition to traditional plastics which are petroleum extracted, we also work with plastics that are extracted from biological sources. Biobased plastics consist materials that are 100% biodegradable. QDP has experience with injection molding 100% biobased plastics based on PLA. This material can come in many colors and is suitable for many applications. Under normal conditions this material not degradable, if however, the product is put under the ground it will completely vanish after a while.