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One-Stop Shop, QDP saves you time and effort

A great idea for a new product? QDP can turn your ideas into reality. At QDP we’re keen to help your idea or concept further and make sure your product looks really good.


Are you looking for a quick material analysis, or an experienced partner who takes care of the entire product development process, QDP knows how to do it.

02 Design

Having a great idea is one thing, but to make it visible and attractive is something different. At QDP we know how to make really stunning concept presentations by using state-of-the-art creative tools.


When your product concept is frozen, the next step is turning it into a great design. Our product designers will work in close contact with the customer to achieve a rock solid design.

The next phase in the product development proces we call the “engineerings phase”.


Here we continu with refining the design and take into account e.g. material selection, surface finishing, production quantities, tolerances, and of course manufacturability. Next to that we look at economic aspects like: cost per product, total cost of ownership (TCO), transport, life-time cycle.


With our broad knowledge of product development and production techniques, like injection molding, we manage to develop good and innovative products that meet the customers requirement.

Our goal is to make high quality products. Our experience shows that just one physical product can tell more than a 1.000 words. Therefor we consider that prototyping should be one of the most important steps in a product development proces. Problems and changes normally causes delay and ad extra costs, but with proper prototyping this can be prevented.


At QDP we will take care of your prototype. If it is made of plastic, aluminum or metal. QDP can take care of it.


We can offer prototypes in various techniques such as: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printing, Full Color 3D printing and 3D CNC milling.

QDP is an one-stop shop, when it come to creating new products. Unique of QDP is that we have our own production facility in China. This allows us to produce at low cost and in the quantities you want.


Our production plant in China is specialized in injection molding. Since we also manufacture the injection molds in China, the costs will be much lower than in Europe or the USA. This means that even for small volumes it is very attractive to produce the products by injection molding technology.

When a product consists of multiple components, it comes quickly to customized assembly. In our factory in China, the components are skillfully assembled into a complete product.


Our factory also provides the procurement of the required purchase parts.


In addition to assembling, we offer also the possibility to give your product a suitable packaging, so your product is well protected and provided with the right appearance.

A great product needs also great documentation, QDP can do this very efficient, because we use the same 3D models, so we don’t waste time on 3D data conversion.


We can provide you with:

  • Catalogs
  • Manuals
  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • 2D & 3D rendering
  • Animations

Through smart collaboration with various solid logistics partners we can transport your products by air, sea and land.


And of cours we don’t only take care of the transport, but we take care of all the required documents, import tax and approvals. We take care of door-to-door delivery.