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Ant’s Kingdom T-Farm Ant Farm

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We developed and produced the T-Farm ant farm for our client Ant’s Kingdom.


The T-Farm is a transparent housing, in which one can keep an ant colony. By filling the T-farm with sandy loam, a nest part is created in which the colony can settle. On top of this, decorative gravel can be used to create an “outdoor enclosure” where the ants can find their food.


The housing is closed with a transparent lid, the closure being such that no ants can escape.


Because the T-farm is curved and completely transparent, the ants are clearly visible and the ants can be easily studied.


The housing is made of the material Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is very impact resistant and almost unbreakable. With the same clarity as glass, but up to 250 times the strength, this is an ideal material for a clear view of the ant colony up close.



Height 20 cm

Width 18 cm (max)

Thickness 1.2 cm (round)

Suitable for up to 300 ants

‘The T-Farm Ant Farm is made of high-quality plexiglass. The integrated nest and viewing arena makes this a very complete ant farm. The farm consists of two parts. The top part is a nice viewing arena that is tightly closed with a lid. The bottom chamber is the nest. There is the possibility to (possibly) connect other viewing arenas and ant farms by using the 10 mm openings on both sides.’

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