Reliability and speed in the healthcare sector

ARA – WIFI-Messenger

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Healthcare workers usually use a pager to call for assistance as quickly as possible. The use of personal cell phones raises many questions about hygiene, reliability and speed with which assistance can be requested. A messenger that has been specially applied to the healthcare sector is therefore preferred. QDP assisted with the development of the housing for the ARA Wifi Messenger.


The ARA company from Aalten has asked QDP to develop the housing for this WiFi messenger that is easy to operate, reliable and hygienic. In addition, the device must use existing WiFi networks.


QDP has answered this question by developing a housing that is the thinnest of its kind and also stimulates intuitive use by applying rubber parts of different colors. The clip on the back allows the messenger to be attached to the belt or in the breast pocket. This clip and the internal speaker can be detached, making the housing easy to clean. This is no problem for the electronic components because the housing is waterproof.

‘Much attention has been paid to a hygienic design, tailored to the work and working environment of the care provider. The device has a water-resistant speaker and microphone, and it is easy to clean.’

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