No bad hair days with the So-Phi Hairpin

So-Phi, So … Perfect

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A popular fashion item should of course not be missing in a woman’s wardrobe. The absolute must-have is the hairpin. The company SΦ-PHI saw a gap in the market and had these hair sticks developed at QDP. No more bad hair day with the So-Phi Hairsticks.


By choosing the material Polycarbonate (PC), hairpins are of a very high quality and are also 100% recyclable. In addition, Polycarbonate has the property that colors come out very nicely. In order to always be able to choose a suitable color for your outfit, it has been decided to offer the hair sticks in no less than 12 different colors.

‘The idea of So-Phi started in Belgium with the belief that every woman is perfect by nature. Phi is the symbol of natural perfection. So-Phi, So … Perfect. For every hair pin we sell, we donate 1 euro to charity. By doing this, we practice what we preach and help empower women.

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