Smart cycling

Van Raam Smart Display / Control

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In collaboration with our customer Van Raam, QDP has developed a Smart Display / Control for operating the pedal support of electric bicycles.


The Smart Display / Control is equipped with a number of buttons.


On off switch;
1. Eco mode;
2. Comfort position;
3. Sports mode;
Bicycle symbol: Starting aid.


The system is switched on by briefly pressing the on / off button. It will automatically start in position 1. The three different positions determine the extent to which the support will cooperate. By switching on the starting aid, the assistance will work without pedaling.


The Smart Display / Control has an LED indication for the battery status. This indication consists of five green LEDs, the leftmost of which can also light up red. The more LEDs that glow green, the fuller the battery.


The material ASA was chosen for the injection molding of the plastic housing. ASA is very similar to ABS, but has better weather resistance. In addition, it has excellent resistance to UV rays. ASA is widely used in the automotive industry for these properties.


The clamping bracket is made of EPDM Shore A 60º. EPDM is a rubber that is very resistant to weather influences. A factor that you naturally have to deal with on a bicycle.


The push buttons on the keypad are made of Silicone Shore A 60º. Silicone is often used in electrical appliances due to its good conductivity. Moreover, silicone does not stick and is ideal for push buttons. Moreover, the material feels pleasant.


More than 4000 units have been produced so far.

‘QDP has developed the Smart Display in collaboration with our customer Van Raam. The smart display consists of different materials that have been carefully chosen to meet the desired product characteristics.’

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