Electronically secured.

Hoeflake Electronic lock

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We have developed and produced a new type of electronic door handle for our customer Hoeflake Infratechniek.


This lever is part of an electronic closing plan for control cabinets (including traffic lights, street lighting and control systems).


With this electronic locking plan it is possible for technicians to access cabinets to which they have been assigned via smartphone, tablet or laptop.


The lock is connected to the internet by means of a controller (via a fixed or mobile connection), making it possible to see live which cabinets are open.


This saves time and money, because you no longer need to issue physical keys to open the cabinets.


However, the electronic door handle can be equipped with an SKG *** Half Euro cylinder, so that it can serve as an emergency release.


The system is designed in such a way that it can be used on cabinets from Hoeflake, Endisy, Staka, O&K, Ko Hartog, Dynniq (Imtech / Peek), Vialis & Siemens

‘With this electronic locking plan, it is possible for technicians to access their assigned cabinets via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.’

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