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Fjordsen XL Rooftent

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The Fjordsen XL roof tent is a spacious, lightweight and very comfortable roof tent that is suitable for 2 to 4 people. The tent has four large airy windows for beautiful views of the area! QDP has contributed with a number of ingenious solutions.


Enjoy a beautiful lake, in the mountains, the forest or wherever. Admire a beautiful starry sky, sunrise or sunset. After folding out the platform, the roof tent measures 220 by 220 cm (220 x 110 x 35 cm when closed), making it an ideal tent for you and your partner or your family.


The Fjordsen XL fits almost every car. And because the roof tent package combined weighs only 60 kg, the roof tent can be easily lifted on your car, station wagon, bus or SUV by two people. The canvas used to produce the Fjordsen XL is supplied by the leading company TenCate, which specializes in top quality “outdoor” fabrics.


The structure of the Fjordsen XL rooftent is based on a strong core. Once the core is completely filled with air via the accompanying compact mobile compressor, the tent is very strong and can withstand an enormous wind load and pressure. The Fjordsen roof tent has been officially tested by the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels organization.


Designed by outdoor specialists and camping enthusiasts and produced and built by technical and material specialists in the EU. All Fjordsen roof tents are made by hand. The package is complete including the strong lightweight platform, the telescopic aluminum ladder, the compact mobile compressor, cover and all accompanying materials and descriptions.

‘The development of the bottom plate of the Fjordsen XL roof tent required various ingenious solutions. Not only because it had to be lightweight and at the same time strong and durable. But also that it had to be cleverly packaged, shipped and assembled. That worked! QDP and Fjordsen have come up with and developed smart plastic products together in a short time. This applies not only to the bottom components, but also to the assembled corner pieces. Innovations and characteristic of the Fjordsen XL: the Dutch Design roof tent!’

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