Hoeflake Electronic cabinet lock

Electronics, Infrastructure
About This Project

We developed and produced a new type of cabinet lock, on behalve of our client Hoeflake Infratechniek .

This cabinet lock is part of a electronic acces system for control-cabinets (controling trafficlights, street lights, etc)

The system provides instant acces for technicians to the cabinet. They can request acces via their smartphone, tablet or pc.

Implementing this system yields a substantial time saving, since no physical key is needed for accessing the cabinet. The lock is controlled via an internet connected controller (via mobile of wired internet connection), which enables real time insight in cabinet openings and accesrights.


Since the cabinets can be part of critical infastructure, there needs to be an emergency opening capability. In order to achief this, the lock contains a slot for an phycical Euro cylinder, to grant acces in case of emergency.

The system is designed to be compatible with cabinet from Hoeflake, Endisy, Staka, O&K, Ko Hartog, Dynniq (Imtech/Peek), Vialis & Siemens

(Image source: www.verkeerslantaarn.nl )

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