Hoeflake – Underlight

Design, Electronics, Infrastructure
About This Project

In traffic it is necessary to cross safely at busy intersections. To ensure this it requires a clear and clear traffic light. Often an underlight is used in addition to the main traffic light. The underlight is a smaller traffic light that is often mounted on the light post and ensures that car and bike drivers always use the traffic light properly and safely.


This underlight is entirely designed and developed by QDP for the company Hoeflake Infratechniek B.V. There has been chosen to fabricate an aluminium housing as this is a light but very strong material. As a result, the underlight can literally take a hit. In addition, the lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. This is also a strong material and therefore contributes to the strength of the product. It is possible to apply different templates to the underlight, which makes the underlight widely applicable.


Partly due to material selection, a product has been realized that is resistant to all weather conditions and vandalism. It is therefore not possible to remove the light from the post because the attachment is hidden behind the lenses.

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