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Mobilane LiveDivider

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LiveDivider from Mobilane is a room divider that has plants on both sides. You compose your own choice of plants. You can easily create an attractive and healthy living environment. Noise pollution is limited by the damping effect of the plants. Larger rooms are easily divided into smaller blocks by the LiveDivider.


The plants in LiveDivider provide a pleasant humidity and can remove carbon dioxide and pollutants in the air.


6 cassettes with plants are placed on each side of the frame. Thanks to the interchangeable cassettes, you can give a different interpretation to this living room divider when the seasons change or on special occasions. This way you always ensure unique and matching plants in the office.


Due to the innovative construction, no electricity is required to provide the plants with water for about six weeks. LiveDivider can therefore be placed anywhere provided there is sufficient light.


QDP developed the idea and the concept. These have been developed into a fully functional product.


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‘LiveDivider consists of a sleek metal frame on a sturdy, fixed base. In the frame there is room on each side for six cassettes with plants, 12 cassettes in total. Thanks to the exchangeable plant cassettes, the plants can be put together and adapted to your own taste. A watering system with reservoir has been incorporated in the frame. This ensures that the plants are supplied with water for four to six weeks. LiveDivider works without power or batteries.’

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