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About This Project

Mobilane’s LiveDivider is a room divider equiped with plants on both sides. You can compile your own choice of plants. This is an easy way to create an atmospheric, healthy living climate. The dampening effect of the plants reduces noise. Large areas are easily divided into smaller blocks using the LiveDivider.

The plants in the LiveDivider ensure a pleasant humidity rate and can remove carbon dioxide and polluting particles from the air.
On each side, 6 planted cassettes are placed in the frame. These cassettes are exchangeable, you can choose a different look for the room divider as the seasons change or for special occasions. This always ensures unique, suitable plants in the office.
The innovative construction needs no electric power to provide the plants with water for about six weeks. LiveDivider can be placed anywhere, provided that there is enough light.

QDP designed the concept of the LiveDivider and optimised the design for production.

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