A compact vertical garden

Mobilane LivePanel

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The Mobilane LivePanel is an innovative application of vertical greenery on the walls of existing and new buildings. A “green wall” is good for the indoor climate, insulation, absorption of particulate matter and also looks good. With LivePanel it is easy to create a green wall for both outside and inside.


In collaboration with Mobilane, QDP has constructed and produced the largest green wall in the world with the LivePanel system.


LivePanel is based on a modular cassette system for changing plants. Each cassette contains nine cups in which the plants are placed. Each cassette is placed on a water-filled rail that ensures that the plant can get water. Obtaining water is done by capillary action, so no pumps or electricity are needed.


Due to the capillary effect, the plants absorb water from the reservoir. Capillarity is a physical concept. It is the power of liquids to crawl up in very fine tubes without external forces. An example of capillarity is the absorption of moisture through kitchen paper.


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‘The LivePanel PACK makes a positive contribution to the indoor climate of work, learning and living environment. Due to the complete design, it takes up little space.’

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