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Proteus Smart Display

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With the production of the Proteus Smart Display, a reusable plastic display, we are helping to save 85% on the 1 billion kilos of cardboard that is wasted every year with one-off promotional displays.


For client Pure Value we optimized the prototype of the Proteus by providing smart parts-saving solutions. Subsequently, mold flow analyzes were used to investigate how the material will behave in the molds and where possible tensions could arise in the product. Based on these simulations, we arrived at the perfect model for injection molding technology. At the same time, we have developed the ideal material for this application through intensive consultation with our material suppliers. Our factory in China is now being scaled up to large-scale production for worldwide distribution.


The idea for the plastic Proteus Smart Display was developed by Pure Value in co-creation with large retailers such as Delhaize, Carrefour and brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and P&G. With the introduction of this reusable display, cardboard waste is reduced by more than 85% and its value in the circular economy is preserved. Unique is the use of Internet of Things technology, with which the innovative Proteus also makes the sale of (promotional) items measurable.


Pure Value sets new standards in the display world with Proteus. And we are happy to contribute to this with our creativity and by proactively thinking about new possibilities around Proteus.


“With a moldflow simulation we could theoretically see how the material holds and where tensions arise. That way we can put a perfect model into production. “

‘We realize the perfect model for injection molding technology based on mold flow simulations.’

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