A smoothly closed case

SoftClose Module

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This SoftClose module, commissioned by door specialist BPZ, ensures perfect closing of sliding doors. BPZ is a reliable door specialist, specialized in complete interior door concepts.


QDP is responsible for the design, engineering and ultimately production. Due to the complexity of the product, a thorough testing process preceded it. The result is a slow-stop and open system that is easy to install and assemble.


The parts of the module are designed to last for years without problems. Moreover, there is no longer any problems with flapping doors that, for example, open due to the wind.


The system ensures that doors close smoothly and safely. This means that little force needs to be applied. For example, these applications are used in hospitals and nursing homes.


The module ensures that the last 5 cm are covered in a controlled manner, regardless of the speed at which the door is closed. This ensures a smooth closing and prevents damage to the door and / or user.


The slow stop module is available in 2 variants. The single variant only delayed closing the door. And the double version. This also ensures a controlled opening of the sliding door.

‘A soft close system, also called slow stop or closing delay, ensures that a door closes slowly, regardless of the force with which a door is closed. This significantly extends the life of the sliding door system and prevents any damage to the sliding door or wall.’

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