Van Raam Smart Display / Control Unit

Electronics, Mobility
About This Project

In cooperation with our customer Van Raam QDP has developed a Smart Display / Control Unit for operating the pedal assistance on electrical bikes.


The Smart Display / Control Unit has a number of buttons:

      • On/off button;
      • 1. Eco setting;
      • 2. Comfort stand;
      • 3. Sport setting;
      • Bicycle symbol: Start assistance.


The system is switched on by pressing the on/off button for a short period of time. It will start automatically in setting 1. The three different settings determine the level of assistance. By switching on the start assistance, the pedal assistance will work withouth having to pedal.



The Smart Display / Control Unit has a LED-indication to show the status of the battery. This indication exists of five green LED’s, the leftmost LED can also shine a red light, indicating that the battery is almost dead. The more LED’s are on, the fuller the battery is.


ASA (With UV-Stabalizer) (Housing parts)
EPDM Shore A 60º (Rubber for clamp)
Siliconen Shore A 60º (Keypad)

4000 +

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