SKOPEI – Bike Lock

Diseño, Electrónica, Movilidad
About This Project

About 80 percent of the entire Dutch car traffic are trips shorter than 20 kilometres. Often we find those distances too far to go by bike. However, since November 2016 300 electrical sharing-bikes are placed in the city of Amsterdam. The purpose of these bikes is to leave your car at home and reducing CO2 by taking the bike.


On these sharing-bikes an electronic lock has been installed for which QDP has designed and manufactured the housing in association with AXA and Skopei. The lock works with a code that will be sent to users after they have made a reservation for a bike. This code must be entered at the keypad on the lock, with a correct code the lock opens. A major advantage of this system is that it does not use keys that can be copied, or lost.


Furthermore, every lock features GPS and an internet connection with which the lock, and thus the bicycle, can be tracked down. In addition, the entire system uses an app which can be used to report a defect.

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